Container Leasing

Australian Container Leasing in conjunction with our principal Tankspan Leasing Limited manages a fleet in excess of 3,500 tanks. Our site located in Geelong, Victoria is in excess of 30,000 m2 including hardstand, bulk Tank Capacity of 500m3 and room to expand. Australian Container Leasing specialise in developing solutions to difficult operational scenarios including the ability to offer N2 Purging systems and sparging operations to meet your needs. We have a growing and varied fleet of high specification equipment that enables a full service support service for shippers, chemical providers, operators, food companies and logistics industries worldwide.

We offer an-going new production build programme with standard and special equipment supplied to meet your exact specifications and available to most locations worldwide. We welcome your enquiry to further discuss how we can assist you with your customised container.

Comprehensive Damage Protection insurance is available if required.

Why Use Tank Containers?

  • Can carry a large variety of liquids, powders and gases
  • Can be individually designed or modified to suit particularly difficult products
  • Can be carried by sea, road or rail
  • Can be more secure than traditional methods, vs. danger of cargo lost or spilt
  • Can serve as convenient and safe temporary storage
  • Is considered that it's 20% to 30% cheaper to ship liquid bulk shipments by Tank Container than container load of drums
    • A 2O-foot freight container can carry 80 drums of 200 litres each or 16,000 liters in total
    • A 20-foot  tank can carry 24 to 25,000 litres depending on road weight and product density

Container sales and leasing of the following -

  • Standard specification tanks (T11) suitable for carriage of an extensive range of products covering numerous chemical categories, food grade products such as wine and whisky,
  • Refrigerated tanks for beer and fruit juices,
  • Hi-heat tanks for products such as resins,
  • Lined tanks for corrosive products,
  • (T50) tanks for carriage of various gas products
  •  Pneumatic tanks for the carriage of dry products such as cement, barite, bentonite, fly ash, sugar, flour, etc. 
  • Specialist sparge and mixing tanks
Tank Guide Methods