At Australian Container Leasing we offer flexible term contracts including lease purchase and competitive rates.

Container Type Daily Rental Charges ($AU) + GST
Standard T11 Units $20
Modified T11 Units $38
Sparge Tanks $30
Gas Tanks $25
Pneumatic Tanks $20

* Prices are an indication, subject to change, exclusive of GST and to be confirmed at time of booking

Additional Charges Price ($AU) + GST
On-Hire Survey $280
Cleanliness Certificate $90
Depot Lifts $40
Tank Washing Subject to product
Replace Manlid $65

Typical Lease Structure and Responsibilities

  • Lease contracts tailored to client requirements, 1 to 5+ years
  • Lease rates fixed for term of lease on daily basis geared to market rates
  • Payment terms 30 days
  • Lessee responsible for maintenance costs during term of lease
  • Lessor responsible for periodic test costs during term of lease
  • Lessee must provide insurance certificate to Lessor

As our customers all have varying requests and requirements, materials handling rates are issued based on exact requirements of our customers. 

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